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How to Retrieve a BVN Without a Phone Number

How to Retrieve a BVN Without a Phone Number


Learn the Process and Techniques on how to retrieve a BVN without a phone number in Nigeria. All you need to get your BVN is your phone number, which is the most popular method. From your phone, simply dial *565*0# to get your bank’s verification code.

To use this service, your bank must be registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is the code for all banks. However, there are situations when you may need your BVN but not have access to your phone number. Perhaps you misplaced your phone, or perhaps the battery is dead. For whatever reason, you will require a method of obtaining your BVN without a phone number. In such a case, what do you do?

In this article, we will show you how to get your BVN without a phone number.

Overview of BVN?

BVN is an acronym for Bank Verification Number. Essentially, it’s a special identifying number connected to your bank account. Your bank verification number is an 11-digit identity number. It operates across the whole Nigerian banking system. Irrespective of the number of bank accounts that an individual has, only one BVN is required. Additionally, each bank customer receives a special identifying number that can always be located when needed, even if lost. When you do things like create a new bank account or make a withdrawal, this number is used to authenticate your identification.


You might be wondering how to get your BVN in a situation where you misplaced your mobile phone or it was stolen. It is important to note that you can get your BVN without your phone number.

How to Retrieve a BVN

You can get your BVN via different methods if you don’t have a phone number.

Your Bank Verification Number (BVN) can now be retrieved without a phone number. This has been made possible by the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) new USSD code, *565*0#. Even if you’ve lost your phone number or don’t have access to it, you can get your BVN back using this code.

Simply enter the new USSD code *565*0# on any phone and follow the on-screen instructions to receive your BVN. Your BVN will appear on your screen after these details have been submitted.

The USSD code can only be used to get your BVN; it cannot be used for any other function. This is very important to note.

The second option is to go to a bank and ask for a copy of your BVN in person. This approach can take some time because you might need to visit multiple banks before you discover the one that will provide you with the information you require.

The third option is to check online. Due to how quick, simple, and practical this procedure is, it is growing in popularity. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

How to Retrieve Your BVN Without a Phone Number

If you want to retrieve your BVN without a phone number, It is possible to retrieve your BVN without a phone number using the following methods:

  1. Mobile banking app
  2. Online banking
  3. Visit the bank.

How to Retrieve Your BVN via a Mobile Banking App

Virtually every bank in Nigeria has a mobile app. This makes it easier for their customers to conduct banking transactions, as they no longer need to physically visit the bank.

You just need to download, install, and register your bank’s mobile app, which may be found in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Log into the app after finishing the registration process.

You can find your BVN on the home screen once you’ve logged in. If you still can’t find it, take your time exploring the app and look in the menu and other areas generally; you will find it.

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If you still can’t find it, you can always use the app to get in touch with your bank’s customer service and ask them where your BVN is located.

The method is free, and all you need is data to access the app, just like the online banking platform.

How to Retrieve Your BVN via Online Banking

Obtaining your BVN without your phone number is one of the advantages of the internet.

You must have already signed up for your bank’s internet banking service in order to use this method. If you don’t know how to do that, you can visit your bank’s official website to learn how to sign up for Internet banking, or you can get help from their customer care representatives over the phone or online.

Once you have successfully registered and signed in to your bank’s Internet banking service, your BVN should appear on the dashboard.

How to Retrieve Your BVN by Visiting the Bank

The two methods we mentioned above can only work if you have a device that you can connect to the internet. In a situation where you don’t have a device, visiting one of your bank’s branches is your only option for obtaining your BVN without a phone number.

If you don’t have a valid form of identification and your account number with you when you go to the bank, your BVN won’t be provided to you.

When you get to the bank, ask for your BVN, and you’ll be required to supply those details. You will receive your BVN after providing it. Carry your passport as a backup plan in case you are asked to present it at certain banks.

Can I Change My Bvn Phone Number?

Yes, your BVN number can be changed. However, you cannot do this online or use a USSD code. You can only change your BVN number when you go to the bank in person with an ID such as a National Identity Card, an International Passport, a driver’s licence, and recent passport photographs of yourself.

Don’t fall victim to scammers that make promises that they can help you change your BVN phone number online, as this service can only be done at bank branches, and only bank personnel should you entrust with the process of changing your BVN phone number.

Steps to Change Your BVN Phone Number

Here’s the procedure involved in changing the phone number on your BVN:

  • Get an affidavit.

Before going to the bank, ensure you have gone to court to have a sworn affidavit because the bank will ask for it before doing anything.

Your affidavit should come with a declaration that you own the lost phone number and won’t have access to it again.

  • Means of Identification

A means of identification will be required, such as a national identity card, international passport, or driver’s licence.

  • Go to the bank.

Once you have all these documents, you can head over to the bank and request that your BVN phone number be changed.

  • Validate your BVN.

At the bank, you will be required to validate your BVN; through this process, your biometrics will be captured on the system.

Once everything is done, wait for 24 hours, and you will get a notification that your BVN has been successfully linked to the new number.


We believe you must have found this article useful. Have you tried retrieving your BVN via any of the methods discussed above? Which method did you use? Let us know in the comment section.



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