How to Apply for Canada Visa and Get Approved 2024

How to Apply for Canada Visa and Get Approved


Canada is one of the choice locations for people seeking to immigrate and some are mostly confused about how to Apply for Canada Visa. If this is your dilemma, then you are in the right place. Being an immigrant-friendly country, the number of people seeking to travel to Canada has been on the rise over the years. You may want to visit Canada temporarily or even immigrate permanently, but to do this you have to go through the process of visa application. In this article, we will unveil the step-by-step procedure on how to Apply for a Canada Visa.

What is a Canada Visa?

A Canada visa is simply the stamp on your passport which gives you easy access into the country. Think of it as a ticket to travel legally into the country of your choosing. The visa offices in your country are in charge of issuing applicants the visa after they have gone through the process of applying and have fulfilled all requirements. Although there are countries that are exempted from the process of visa application, applicants from these countries are required to get an Electronic Travel Authorization also known as ETA.

The Categories of Canadian Visa

The Canadian Visas are so diverse because applicants seek to travel for different reasons. However, based on the purpose of traveling, all these reasons are grouped into two major categories which are, temporary and permanent.

Temporary Visa

This type of visa is issued for applicants who want to stay for a limited time in Canada. Here are some types of temporary Canadian Visa:


  • Tourist Visa: This is a visa type for people who intend to visit Canada and explore the beautiful cities and locations. This can be to visit one’s family or friends.
  • Student Visa: This visa is issued for undergraduate or graduate students who seek to further their educational pursuits in any of the tertiary institutions within Canada. For this purpose, a study permit will be issued to you.
  • Canada Super Visa: This visa type is for the foreign parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents. It allows them to visit their children or grandchildren.
  • Diplomatic and Official Visa: This visa type is issued to foreign officials and diplomats. It is an official permission issued to grant them entrance into Canada to carry out their official duties.

Permanent Visa

This type of visa is issued for applicants who want to stay for a long time in Canada. Here are some types of permanent Canadian Visa:

  • Skilled Worker Immigration Visa: This is a visa type issued for qualifying foreign skilled workers. The applicants applying for this visa would have qualified for every requirement that is needed. These requirements are generally centered on educational qualifications, language proficiency (English or French), medical fitness, and work experience, among others.
  • Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP): This is a type of visa for medical professionals. It enables qualified individuals to travel to Canada and work as a caregiver for children, the disabled, and the elderly as the case may be.
  • Business Visa: Just as its name implies, this is a visa for business purposes. Qualified individuals who desire to conduct their business in Canada are issued this visa. However, they must fulfill all the requirements which include financial capabilities, business skills, and managerial experience, and must follow the laid down operational rules.
  • Family sponsorship: This visa is issued to individuals whose family members are already a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada. It grants them the right to live, school, or work in the country.

Steps on How to Apply for Canada Visa and Get Approved 2024

To apply for a Canadian visa, follow these general steps:

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Determine the type of visa you need and check eligibility

The very first step in applying for a Canada visa is to ascertain the type of visa you need. Just as it has been explained, we have permanent and temporary visas, so know the specific one you need. Then, go to the official website of the Government of Canada (which is and check if you are eligible for the visa on the Immigration and Citizenship page.

Gather required documents

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible, begin the collation of all the necessary documents. Generally, this usually includes your passport, photographs, application forms, proof of funds, and any additional documents specified in the application guide.

Complete the application forms

The next step is to fill out the appropriate visa application forms online. You can also download them from the official website. Before completing the form, ensure you know how to fill out all sections appropriately and follow the instructions carefully. If you are not sure, you can get help from immigration experts.

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Payment of the application fees

The application fee is required to process your visa application. Please be aware that these fees vary and are dependent on the type of visa and our location. You will find the specific payment instructions on the official website.

Biometrics appointment (if required)

Some Visa applicants may need to provide their biometrics. If your visa type falls in this category, you will need to schedule a biometrics appointment at a designated Visa Application Center (VAC).

Submit your application

The next step is to submit your completed application and supporting documents. This can be done either online through the official website or at a Visa Application Center (VAC) or Canadian embassy or consulate in your country.

Go for an interview (if required)

Some visa type requires the applicant to be interviewed. If this applies to you, you will be asked to attend an interview. Be well prepared for this and ensure your reasons for the visa application are valid. Also, ensure that the facts you submit in your application form are genuine. Anything that is out of place or any reason that doesn’t sound convincing or genuine can lead to a visa denial.

Wait for processing

Having submitted, you will be required to wait for the visa processing time and this can vary depending on your visa type.

Decision and passport request

If your reason for application checks out, your application will be approved. Then, you will be required to submit your passport to the Canadian Embassy for visa issuance with the processing fee. After the Embassy receives your passport and processing fee, your visa will be stamped and returned to you.

Traveling to Canada

Next, is for you to travel to Canada. Ensure to follow all instructions provided by immigration authorities. You will present your passport and documents at the point of entry for the officials to check them and confirm that they are genuine. You will also be asked questions about your reason for visiting before you are finally allowed into the country. However, if your answers don’t check out, or you have committed any crime, you can be denied entry into Canada even with your visa.


Finally, ensure you do adequate research before you begin your Canada visa application. Carefully follow the specific requirements and procedures based on the type of visa you are applying for and your country of residence. If you are confused about any of the steps, seek the guidance of an immigration expert. All the best!



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