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The Impact of Staff Customer Relationship on Organizational Image

The Impact of Staff Customer Relationship on Organizational Image


The Impact of Staff Customer Relationship on Organizational Image (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba) Plc)



Having critically traced and investigated the operation of the staff- customer relationship in united bank for Africa limited Enugu the researcher has derived valuable deduction on the subject matter.

The Statement Of Facts Is Principally In The Area Of

  1. Lack of motivation is the cause of poor staff customer relationship which consequently deteriorate the organization image
  2. Dubious attitude of customers which warrant proper reference before cheques are paid and this cause delay in counter services.
  3. In customers questionnaires respondents confirmed that UBA LTD makes high charges for service rendered.


I have tried above to x-ray problems encountered by bank staff- customer of UBA LTD.


It must however be emphasized that the Nigeria banking system is undergoing a metamorphosis.  The colonial method in the banking system is gradually given way to modern perspective

Nigeria banking system (UBA) LTD is bound to under go changes as the nation marches towards developments.  As this happens the problems attached to such metamorphosis are equally bound to increase.  The degree with which UBA LTD will grow depends on the level of education experience and devotion to duty by their staff.


  1. Because human resource is a delicate factor of production and should be handless with utmost care if not given adequate training or motivated will lead to low morale of the staff poor quality of work output as he affected staff is not concerned with a customer staying for hours over the counter for any simple transaction. If adequate number of bank branches serving the country is not checked poor counter service will in crease while staff customer relationship deteriorate?


It is often said that once a problem is properly understood and identified its solution is half reached or solved as such the problem will now be easy to tackle.

The researcher wills now postulate some measure which if applied will greatly improve and eliminate the ugly bend of events on the practice to staff- customer relationship.

  1. The first target of attention is not the counter service of the UBA LTD their services being intangible the only way the utilities presented in these services could be valued is through the application of some professional touch. The management should leave no stone unturned to ensure that legitimate needs and aspirations of their staff are met to the best of the ability themselves contended that they can be relied up on the attain a high level of efficiency and behavior the Japanese concept of total involvement should be made part and parcel of the organization.
  2. Getting an efficient personnel manager/ public relation officer who ensures that the movement and position of staff behavior result in effective space management geared towards quickened service could minimize delay.
  3. Establishment of more branches network. The emphasis in this research work is on adequate and improved staff customer relationship and its impact on the organizational image. If only the customer does not have to go great pains out cry about poor counter service offered.
  4. The need for good counter persons becomes necessary when it is seen that they are the mirrors with which their banks are viewed by outsiders.
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Geofrey Wilkin (1981) summarizes that for banks sound customers reaction are therefore made maintain by.

  1. Pleasant courteous manner (A smile means the same in any language)
  2. Efficient helpful services by all staff who should direct customer to the official concerned.
  3. Should a customer have a complaint the matter should be referred to a public relation officer responsible for such issues who should not only promptly attend to the matter but also advise the branch manager of the complaint and remedial action taken.
  4. Emphasis should be placed on the first come first serve the nepotism favoritism syndrome should be avoided and efficiency of service introduced.
  5. The management and supervising staff in the tank should be educated on the theory and practice of effective public relation and also ensure that all line staff personnel are knowledge on this subject with the fact that good bank public relations work towards building and sustaining a good favorable pubic image for the bank placing the interest of members of the public or customer always at the front.
  6. Introduction of computers and mechanized equipment

The fact need not be over emphasized.  One the banks are able to computerize it not.  All or some of their departments and make extensive use of note counting machines this will go a long way in solving problem of poor counter service and reduces the long period of time customers wait before they are attended to.  It also eliminates fraud.


As Nigerian is still developing more research work will be made on how to improve cordial relationship between bank staff and their customer.

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