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The Effects of Nigeria Monetary and Firm Policies on Commercial Banks From 1990 to 2000

The Effects of Nigeria Monetary and Firm Policies on Commercial Banks From 1990 to 2000


Abstract of The Effects of Nigeria Monetary and Firm Policies on Commercial Banks From 1990 to 2000

Issues concerning money have contained to cover invest for some money theories.  Money makes life what is and contributes tremendously to the rise or fall in the economic situation of a particular country.  It is as a result of the continuous charge in the behavior of money count theorist come by the financial and economic policies to cushion the harsh effect money causes and to equally improve on the already existing goods policies.
Emphasis is laid on monetary and fixed policies as concern this project work.  Monetary policies is expressly concerned with the control of monetary supply in the economy. It consists of the instruments and tools which is used by this government to regulate the supply of money in the economy in order to influence the activities in the economy.  Such tools include open market operation, Omo reverse requirement. Monetary policy and tow decision expansion and contrationally policies on the other hand fiscal performs the some function as monetary policy only that it makes use of budgeting and taxation.
As these polices are made by the government, there is some associated effects it has in the economy as was project work is aimed at knowing actually the effects on First Bank Okpara Avenue Enugu as Commercial Bank


Title page
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Table of content

1.0    Introduction

1.1    Statement of problems
1.2    Objective of the study
1.3    Significance of the study
1.4    Statement of hypothesis
1.5    Scope of the study
1.6    Limitation of the study


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2.0    Literature review

2.2    An insight of the monetary, fiscal and other financial sectors policies for the year review
2.3    Monetary and fiscal policies
2.4    The traditional theory of monetary policy
2.5    How monetary policy works to control spending
2.6    How does monetary policy influence economic activities
2.7    Control of commercial banks by the central bank
2.8    Fiscal policy – type
2.9    Fiscal policy as a built in stabilizer
2.10    Fiscal policy and its economic influence
2.11    Fiscal policy in practice
2.12    The fiscal monetary mix
2.13    Summary of related literature

3.0    Summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations
3.1    Findings
3.2    Conclusion
3.3    Recommendation



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