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The Effect of Training on the Performance of the Employee in an Organization.

The Effect of Training on the Performance of the Employee in an Organization.


The Effect of Training on the Performance of the Employee in an Organization.

Content Structure of The Effect of Training on the Performance of the Employee in an Organization.

The abstract contains the research problem, the objectives, methodology, results, and recommendations

  • Chapter one of this thesis or project materials contains the background to the study, the research problem, the research questions, research objectives, research hypotheses, significance of the study, the scope of the study, organization of the study, and the operational definition of terms.
  • Chapter two contains relevant literature on the issue under investigation. The chapter is divided into five parts which are the conceptual review, theoretical review, empirical review, conceptual framework, and gaps in research
  • Chapter three contains the research design, study area, population, sample size and sampling technique, validity, reliability, source of data, operationalization of variables, research models, and data analysis method
  • Chapter four contains the data analysis and the discussion of the findings
  • Chapter five contains the summary of findings, conclusions, recommendations, contributions to knowledge, and recommendations for further studies.
  • References: The references are in APA
  • Questionnaire.

Chapter One Of The Effect of Training on the Performance of the Employee in an Organization.


Personal management is a branch of a whole general management which could be addressed both in the management and operative function performed by the personnel management is development, which has to do with the increase of skills through TRAINING that is necessary for proper job performance.

Training activities should include all employees from the least employees to the executives.


It applies to experienced workers in an organization. This process is a continuous process, training programmes should be designed or organized for the present employees in a form of refresher course. Therefore training is through to be great importance to many organization as well as development in the sense that the trained employees who is capable of carrying out his function well is m ore likely to be competent and productive.

This project examines critically effect of training o employee performance in an organization. A case study of U.B.A Bank (United Bank of Africa, Osogbo Branch) Osogbo Osun State.

This organization finds that no matter how well trained their present employees are change in their task and general environment as well as in the needs of the employee. Themselves of ten created.


Training gives birth to knowledge and it been a very useful instrument in performance improvement training is defined as an organization procedure specifically designed for people to learn and have knowledge, skill technical, aptitude which geared him or her towards the attainment of a specific purpose.

The goods will of any organization party if not completely depends on how well its members are trained. When an employee is able to properly develop in term of acquiring basic intellectual abilities them such an efficient employee will tend to the motivated. And this will have a positive on the performance improvement as it will make them works harder.

In the course of training, workers are exposed to new method and techniques of doing thing of this, it aims of effecting a change in the behavior of those trained employee in an organization, hence better efficiency and productivity will result training a worker and this make the job of such workers to be more secured.                     

The performance of an organization greatly depends on how trained staffs perform.

This is because there are a lot changes around us in terms of technological advancement. It can only be able to adapt to such change if one realistic and adequate emphasis placed o training.  

The training remains the key to long-term survival of an organization.


This study will identify the various problems militating against training programme in an organization. It will examine the relationship between the training and performance of worker effort will be made to offer solution to the problems identified.    

In this rapid technological and versatile world there is a difference between the skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled employees but the face to be revealed here is that nobody is in born with a special ability but developed, meaning in the sensed that a semi-skilled employee, if well trained can become skilled.

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It is also aimed at revealing the essence of training and development in any manufacturing industry and its impact on over all productivity.


The specific objective of this study includes the following.

1.  To determine how training and development can affect the productivity of an organization.

2. To determine the types and adequate of training activities that can be adopted by an organization.

3.  To determine the usefulness of training in subduing deficiencies in individual in the process of performing specific job.     

4. To examine the relationship between training and corporate productivity.

5. To examine the techniques used in improving communication function in the organization.


1.  How would training and performance improvement reduce the rate of labour turnover in an organization?

2. Does training and performance improvement have any influence or organizational productivity?

3. What is the impact of training and performance improvement on organizational sales volume?


The hypotheses for the study are: –   

 Ho: There is no significant correction between training and performance and organizational productivity. 

 Hi: There is significant correction between training and performance and organizational productivity.

Ho: There is no significant correction between training and reduction in the rate of labour turnover in the organizational.

Hi: There is significant correction between training and reduction in the rate of labour turnover in the organizational.

Ho: There is no significance correlation between training and performance improvement and organizational volume.   

Ho: There is significance correlation between training and performance improvement and organizational volume.


UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (U.B.A PLC) like any other company or organization can attain its goods easily where there is good and effective training system.

This study is therefore significant for the following reason.

  1. It will enable the organization to know it staff strength.
  2. It will enable the organization to know the effect of worker training and recruitment needs of the organization.
  3. It will also enable us to identity effort being made by the company in the training of worker.


Since the source of data is primary in nature, this work is limited by the following constraints.

Firstly transportation problem due to the distance involve in getting data and facts, therefore researcher is unable and more fact than this.

Also the problem of finance is another constraint o this research work which make it difficult for the research to further find more fact from other banks.

Lastly, the customers of Union Bank for Africa Plc are not ready to co-operate as expected and this pose problem to the research.


Training: – In a general language, it is only learning experience by an organization to further the goals it is also the act of skills and techniques detailed and routines skill and techniques.

Effect: – This is impact felt, it can be positive or negative.

Organization: – A group of people who form a business together in order to achieve a particular aim or objective.

Performance: – How well or badly an employee performs his or her duty in an organization.     

Development: – This is a systematic process of education, training and growing b y which a person applies information, knowledge, skill and attitude.

Management: – Is defined as a person by which scare are necessary to achieve give ends.

Off the Job Training: – The method presumes that knowledge of theory will help employees in adjusting to change in job training.

Manpower Training and Development: – Manpower training is the management scientific, engineering technical, craftsman and skill, which are employed in designed and development an organization. And Managing productive Economic Institution.  

The Job Training: – This is a method of training programs which involves showing the employee the job to be done and explain o how it is being done while the employee earns salary or allowance for the job done.

Near the Job Training: – This is a method of training which lies between on the job training and off the job training.  

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