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The Effect of Marketing Financial Services in Deregulation Economy Banking Industry (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba)

The Effect of Marketing Financial Services in Deregulation Economy Banking Industry (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba)

Content Structure of The Effect of Marketing Financial Services in Deregulation Economy Banking Industry (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba)

The abstract contains the research problem, the objectives, methodology, results, and recommendations

  • Chapter one of this thesis or project materials contains the background to the study, the research problem, the research questions, research objectives, research hypotheses, significance of the study, the scope of the study, organization of the study, and the operational definition of terms.
  • Chapter two contains relevant literature on the issue under investigation. The chapter is divided into five parts which are the conceptual review, theoretical review, empirical review, conceptual framework, and gaps in research
  • Chapter three contains the research design, study area, population, sample size and sampling technique, validity, reliability, source of data, operationalization of variables, research models, and data analysis method
  • Chapter four contains the data analysis and the discussion of the findings
  • Chapter five contains the summary of findings, conclusions, recommendations, contributions to knowledge, and recommendations for further studies.
  • References: The references are in APA
  • Questionnaire.

Abstract Of The Effect of Marketing Financial Services in Deregulation Economy Banking Industry (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba)

This research work titled “The Effect or Marketing Financial Services in Deregulated Nigerian Banking Industry” was carried out in Lagos state, Nigeria because of its peculiarity and consideration as the seat of banks in Nigeria.

A theoretical background and literate review focusing on marketing in general, banking industry in Nigeria, financialservices marketing in perspectives regulated deregulated economy and host of other relevant theories concerning the Nigerian banking industry was x-rayed.

A total of 150 respondents who were mainly customers of UBA from 5 different branches were sampled through well-administered and structured questionnaires with a view to finding the effect of marketing strategy on the bank in this era of deregulation.

Data were also collected from primary and secondary sources and based on the findings, recommendations were made to the affected quarters on ways to carry out marketing of financial services under a deregulated system in order to sustain its market share and enhance growth in the industry.

Table Of Contents Of The Effect of Marketing Financial Services in Deregulation Economy Banking Industry (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba)



1.1       Background Of The Study

1.2      Statement Of Problem

1.3       Objectives Of Study

1.4       Significance Of The Study

1.5       Scope And Limitation

1.6      Operational Definition Of Terms



2.1       Marketing

2.2      Mission (Or Vision) Statement:

2.3      Company Objective:

2.4      Market Analysis:

2.5       Regulation And Deregulation Of Marketing Financial Services

2.6      The Changes May Be Categorized Into Three Phrases: Namely;

2.7       Evolution Of The Nigerian Banking Environment

2.8       Advent Of Marketing Financial Services

2.9       Difference Between Marketing Of Financial Services And Other Products

2.10     Special Characteristics Of Financial Services­-Specially Banks

2.11     Marketing Strategies In Financial Services

2.12     Obstacles To The Marketing Of Bank Services In Nigeria

2.13     Rationale For Adopting Full-Blown Marketing In Nigeria Banks.

2.14     Range Of Finance Services

2.15     Eveloping A Marketing Plan, Strategies And Goals

2.16     Tools For Marketing Of Financial Services

2.17     Market Analysis And Segementations

2.18    Distribution Of Services (Bank And Financial Services

2.19   Promotion

2.20    Pricing

2.20    Pricing

2.21     Innovation Approach To Marketing Of Financial Services

2.22     Mastering Of The Elements Of Banking

2.23     Customer Behaviour And Public Relations In The Marketing Of Financial Services

2.24     The Role Of Public Relations In The Marketing Of Financial Services

2.25     Public Relations Channels

2.26     Uba Banking Background

2.27    Consumer Credit Products

2.28     Uba Investment Account

2.29    Saving Account

2.30     Foreign Currency Domiciliary Account (Fcda)

2.31    Current Account



3.1       Area Of Study

3.2       Research Design

3.3      Sample Size And Sampling Technique

3.3.2    Research Instrument



4.1.            Introduction

4.2       Interpretation Of Data



5.1       Summary Of Study

5.2      Conclusion

5.3      Recommendations



Chapter One Of The Effect of Marketing Financial Services in Deregulation Economy Banking Industry (a Case Study of United Bank for Africa (Uba)



The financial institution particularly banks, are economic decision units established to provide financial services to its target markets with a primary objective of making adequate returns on the funds invested without neglecting other social objectives to the society. Nigeria banks in the face of increasing competition are currently facing enormous challenges, which have made survival increasingly difficult. For overall corporation objectives and continue life of business, banks need to consciously structure their services in a way that caters for the financial needs of not only their present customers, but also the prospective ones.

Thus, the above stated makes marketing increasingly important and necessary in today’s financial competitive environment. Also paying great attention to relevant marketing techniques cannot be over emphasized.

Traditionally, the need for marketing in banking was not recognized because for a very long time, banking was a seller’s market while most customers had the impression that they were privileged to enjoy the service the services of a bank. In recent times, customers have increasingly become so enlightened and aware of their important that ignoring them in the search for competitive advantage can be suicidal for the banks. Banks must therefore brace up the challenge of marketing in a bid to provide effective customer service. It should be noted that the lateness in the application ofmarketing techniques to banking is not peculiar to Nigeria. In their article”The myth of marketing in Banking” Richard Brien James Stefford observed that Marketing has traditional been neglected.

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It perhaps necessary to emphasize here that, for a bank to survive and be successful provider of financial services, it is imperative that the present environment goes with a management order that will see the customer as a king whose needs .and expectations should form a centerpiece of banks activities. It is the adequate provision of these needs that will guarantee customers’satisfaction and business performance. The end product is a competitive advantage for individual bank concerned.


The meteoric rise in the number of banks in Nigeria born out of the deregulation of Industry has made survival increasingly difficult. At this junction, one will be compelled to appreciate the saying that ‘there is no use asking a river to stop flowing, rather one should learn to swim in the direction; of its flow’. In the same vein, since this trend has continued unabated, efforts should be made by banks to fashion out a panacea that gives a competitive edge in the face of extreme competition. Hence the question of marketing which gives the customers the sense of fulfillment more especially now that they are getting more sophisticated and also increasingly aware of their importance on the scheme of things in the market place and recognizing their pride of place of place in the marketing arena.

Are there any empirical relationship between marketing of financial services and successful performance of Nigeria banks?

And if the answer to the above is in the affirmation, then what are there marketing tools and how can they be effectively applied?


(1)     To ascertain this research work there is need to carried out in order to analyzes the effort of marketing financial services in deregulated Nigerian banking industry using United Bank of Africa (UBA) as contact point.

(2)     To verify the research work been carried out to direct the effort of marketing financial services in Nigerian banks.

(3)     To examine the importance of the application of appropriate marketing tools in the survival and success of Nigerian banks in the face of competition.


The purpose of this study is to rotate the obvious that the Nigeria banking industry has witnessed a lot of changes in its mode ofoperations since 1986 when the structural Adjustment Program (SAP) was introduced. This might not be unconnected with the passive talk in the banking industry that management and staff of various banks in the countries are increasing concerned about how to Market their services.

It is against this background that the topic is been chosen in our current.

The outcome of this research work will be useful to individual and group of company willing to bank with UBA.

Economic milieu vis’avis’ the application of marketing strategies in the overall achievement of corporate objective of banks.


This study encompasses a brief review of the Nigeria banking industry with particular attention paid to UBA Bank, at AbuleEgba to the imperative of marketing in the survival andsuccess of banks in the present deregulated economy which entails the liberalization of banking license as well the universal banking scheme.

The study embraces an examination of the factors that customer’s choice of banks and strategic modifications involved by banks in adapting to marketing changes in Nigerian banking industry.

Although this study has succeeded in demonstrating the relationships between customer’s attitudes and some variables, the significance of such relationships have not been ascertained. Knowing the extent which consumer criteria for choice of bank relates to their ages and not banks specialization, and also knowing the extent to which product quality relates to consumers choice criteria, could have provided a greater insight into consumer’s images and choices of banks and then permit greater generalization, which may not be ideal in this case. The choice of only one banks for analysis in this study also imposes some limitations on the generalize ability of the findings.

Deregulated economy and host of other relevant theories concerning the Nigerian banking industry.

Chapter 3 discusses the research methodology, under which the sources of data are highlight, method of investigation and questionnaire adopted.

The data are presented and analyzed in chapter 4, while a summary of findings.

The outcome of this research work will be useful to individual and group of company willing to bank with UBA.

 Operational Definition of Terms

A.     Meteoric – Rapid and often only lasting for a short time.

B.      Deregulation – Remove regulations or controls from.

C.      Liberalization – Make less strict.

D.     Fraudulent – Criminal deception to gain money goods.

E.      Distortions – To make or become twisted out of shape.

F.      Treasury bill – The funds or revenue of a state, society etc.

G.     Mobilization – Organize troops for active.

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