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Management Information System as a Tool for Decision Making (a Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)

Management Information System as a Tool for Decision Making (a Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)


Management Information System as a Tool for Decision Making (a Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)

Content Structure of Management Information System as a Tool for Decision Making (a Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)

The abstract contains the research problem, the objectives, methodology, results, and recommendations

  • Chapter one of this thesis or project materials contains the background to the study, the research problem, the research questions, research objectives, research hypotheses, significance of the study, the scope of the study, organization of the study, and the operational definition of terms.
  • Chapter two contains relevant literature on the issue under investigation. The chapter is divided into five parts which are the conceptual review, theoretical review, empirical review, conceptual framework, and gaps in research
  • Chapter three contains the research design, study area, population, sample size and sampling technique, validity, reliability, source of data, operationalization of variable
  • s, research models, and data analysis method
  • Chapter four contains the data analysis and the discussion of the findings
  • Chapter five contains the summary of findings, conclusions, recommendations, contributions to knowledge, and recommendations for further studies.
  • References: The references are in APA
  • Questionnaire.

Abstract  Of Management Information System as a Tool for Decision Making (a Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)

This research work examined Management Information System as a tool for decision making in banking industry.

The study laid emphasis in the rate with which management information system has influence business organization is so great and the involving technology has broadened the data processing beyond limit in electrical and mechanical engineering contracting companion for this reason the need for careful analyzing of the topic.


The Management information system as a toll for decision making with reference to Wema Bank PIc. A total number of 50 respondents both females and males with an average age of 21 years cutting across management team, senior staff and junior staff who were selected through random sampling method. They were given questionnaire to fill concerning their personal dispositions and responses relating to Management Information System (MIS).

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The data collected was analyzed using simple percentage and chi-square test for goodness of it. Two hypothesis were tested; all were confirmed to be significant. The result showed that:

i)For effective decision making by the management, there must be adequate supply of information in the organization.

ii) Management Information System facilitate and enhance decision making in an organization to Improve productivity and performance.

Finally, some recommendation were made in solving the identified problems. 

Table of Contents of Management Information System as a Tool for Decision Making (a Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)


1.1      Background of the Study                                                                     

1.2      Purpose of Study                                                                         

1.3      Significance of Study                                                                            

1.4      Research Question                                                                                 

1.5      Research Hypotheses                                                                            

1.6      Statement of Problem                                                               

1.7      Scope and Limitation of Study                                                         

1.8      Organisation of the Study                                                                   

1.9      Conceptual Framework                                                             


2.1      Introduction                                                                                              

2.2      Current Literature Review                                                     

2.3      Management of Information Function and Need                      

2.4      Function and Value of Information                                                

2.5      Management Information System and Organisation Structure

2.6      The Nature of Planning of Control for Decision Making

2.7      System Theory and Concept                                                 

2.8      Summary of the Chapter                                                                     


3.1      Introduction                                                                                              

3.2      Research Design                                                                         

3.3      Characteristics of Study Population                                               

3.4      Sampling Designs and Procedures                                      

3.5      Administration of Data Collection Instrument              

3.6      Data Collection Instrument                                                    

3.7      Techniques of Data Analysis                                                

3.8      Limitations of the Methodology                                                       


4.1      Introduction                                                                                              

4.2      Data Analysis                                                                                          

4.3      Data Analysis According to Test of Hypotheses                       

4.4      Discussion of Findings                                                            


5.1      Summary                                                                                                     

5.2      Conclusion                                                                                                

5.3      Recommendation                                                                                   

5.4      Suggestion for Further Study                                                


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