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Influence of School Climate on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students

Influence of School Climate on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students


Influence of School Climate on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.



Summary of Finding

As already indicated in chapter one the purpose of the study was to assess and compare the existing school climate, the performance gap which are observed in the schools, the factor affecting student performance of government and private secondary schools in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area and eventually to forward some possible solution

The following basic questions were to be answered


  1. Is there any significant difference between private and government schools students’ academic performance?
  2. What performance gaps are observed in government and private secondary schools?
  3. What are the factors affecting climate difference between private and government schools?

Based on the analysis the major findings of the study were summarized as follows:

The finding of · the study reveals that the participation of female teachers was 39 (54.9%) in government and 2(4.8%) in private schools. in private school the participation of female is less. With regards to the qualification of teachers, 52 (73.2%) from government secondary schools had B.A/Bisk degree, while 29(69%) from private secondary schools had B.A/B.Sc. They full file the requirement.

Concerning the age composition of the teachers, 42(59.2%) from government and 22(52.4%) from private schools were in the age range of 25-31.this implies that both schools have younger employment; it gives chance to schools to use them properly.

The length of service year of teachers at present school was relatively better in private school than government schools. The private schools make advantages from their experiences.

Concerning the dominant characteristics of the schools out of the four items of the table that deals with the dominant characteristic of the schools, only in the fourth item (the organization is a very controlled and structured place) the government secondary schools are slightly better than the private one. But in terms of other three items the private schools are significantly in better position than the government schools. Concerning to the leadership of the schools both groups remained neutral on whether it is result oriented focus. But in other three items of the section, the private schools leadership is better than their government counterpart.

The finding result implies that, more than the government secondary school teachers the private secondary schools teachers are innovator. This helps them to improve their professional skill and contribute their own stake in the organization improvement.

In terms of utilizing team work, both private and government secondary schools have somewhat similar characteristics.

In relation to the glue or bondage factors, that holds the schools community together, in all four items, the government schools status is less than their private counterpart.

The clan climate which means high trust among the employees and between the employees and the school management, highly preferred by both types of schools.


The research aim is to assess academic performance of students, gaps observed and the factor affecting climatic difference between private and government selected schools. Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of gathered data it can be concluded that there is gapes between private and government schools.In addition to this there are factors affect school performances .

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The Data showed, majority of students who did not score pass result were from government secondary schools. The range in between is 45.3%, 47.6%, 41% from the year (2008-2011) respectively. The result indicates that large moderate gapes between private and government schools are observed. This gap needs further investigation.

Majority of government schools have a limitation utilizing their effort towards their work comparing to private schools.

Private school is better in developing good name, parent satisfaction and competition with government ones.

Exposure to mass media and peer pressure affects government schools more than private schools.

Satisfaction on student result, providing learning facilities , high number of student and negative feeling to the subject they are learning, teachers motivation are both types of schools limitations

Private school has a limitation on providing enough class for their students and keeping the environment Government schools have a limitation in area of follow up, correct student absenteeism and Teachers quality

Private school is better in providing tutorial continuously, apply active learning approach, frequently checking students work, and apply continuous assessment and giving respect to teachers properly

Affecting factor like environment of the class and providing enough class for students is a drawback for private schools

Additionally, even though they are in equal or often times in better status in terms of resources like finance, labor force and logistics, they are not as efficient in utilizing their existing resource as their private counterpart.


After examining the existing school climate of Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area both private and government secondary schools, the research has identified the gaps and defined solutions that could bridge the identified gap and pave the way towards building an school climate that make the respective schools particularly the government schools effective. Here, it is necessary to notify that, since the private secondary schools of the sub city are better than their government counterpart much of the recommendation is towards them.

  1. The student performance should be improved if the administration of the schools builds a strategy in handling the problem, taking corrective measurement to adopt them self to change and providing learning facilities.
  2. The student should perform well if they are properly guided by the parents and also by their teacher.
  3. Schools should give concentration to build their competitive climate to handle the affecting factors of performance of students.
  4. Students needs to get depth and wide ethical advice by psychologies or guidance and counselor to enable them to give fond of their subject and keep them from peer pressure
  5. Schools should use their resources particularly the human resource efficiently The government bodies which are concerned for education sector also should take necessary measure in order to narrow the gap between the two types of schools.

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