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Design and Implementation of a Computerized Antenatal Information System



The antenatal unit in the outpatient department of any hospital letters for medical advices and treatments to expectant mothers before delivery. Antenatal care is all about material and fetal care, to see that the baby is developing without malformation and giving mothers advice as to what to eat, type of exercise needed scanning and pathology rest. In Nigeria today, it is estimated that at least 90% of the expectant mothers receive antenatal care, and with such a large number of people receiving this service, data is collected manually with pen, which makes it a long process and cumbersome to search specific records during emergencies and analysis of data for proper decision making. Therefore, there is a need for an antenatal management information system. The software is sectioned into registration, triage and consultation. The records officer handles registration of patients, viewing and printing patient statistics. All these processes happen in real time as the system is designed to overcome the problems identified in the current antenatal management information system. The interfaces for the new system were implemented using PHP, Bootstrap and JavaScript. The database used is MySQL. After the implementation, the new system was then tested and validated.



Background of the Study

An information system provides information for decision makers in any organization, which are required for the great functions of planning coordinating and controlling, therefore it is necessary to discover an adequate means of making the information available to everyone concerned, this is because for decision to be made correctly and timely the information must be consistent, accurate and reliable (just-in-time) to affect the operation for which it is being provided. Thus, this project work design and implementation of a computerized information system of Antenatal care is aimed of provided necessary information about all operations. The antenatal unit which are very necessary for proper control and coordination of the unit.

The case study of the project work is Parklane General Hospital. The Antenatal unit is an aspect of the outpatient department. The Antenatal unit is in charge of carrying for material and fetal wellbeing before childbirth. This section of the hospital is facing hitches presently due to the manual method of information processing, as most pregnant mother don’t enjoy good and timely services. Presently apart from time leg, the case study meet it objectives any way, but not reliably and timely.

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 Statement of the Problem

The major function of the Antenatal unit is to cater for material and fetal wellbeing until childbirth, which is why the pregnant mother visits the unit. This is the project work is on design implementation of an antenatal information system that will help in timely and useful information processing with its case study as the Park Lane Specialist Hospital, Enugu, Enugu State.


 Purpose of the Study

There are setbacks in information dissemination and flow in park lane Specialist Hospital Antenatal unit thus the research felt the need to embark on this study in other to identify and provide solutions to those setback as the objectives of the work include. The work will create on awareness of the ideal contents of Antenatal care which include: Preconception counseling, Assessment of risk factors, Assessment of fetal wellbeing etc.

i. The work will be able to provide information on educating especially first time pregnant mothers about normal discomforts of pregnancy, Emotional aspects (including postnatal depression so that these mothers are being reassured and fears driver away.

ii. The study will be able to incorporate a software that can keep track of information about Antenatal patients and their History (medical examinations)

iii. The study will be able to clear the doubts of the relevance of Antenatal care.

iv. And lastly the work is centered on educating mothers, providing information to health care agents and the antenatal unit for proper information flow.

1.4 Scope of the Study

This work only covers the provision of information related to the Antenatal unit of the outpatient department of the hospital.

1.5 Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aims and objectives of the system are to

i. Enhance information availability to doctors about patients and to Antenatal patients about antenatal care.

ii. To enhance access to information about Antenatal patients i.e. quick information retrieval and adequate storage.

iii. Automate Antenatal mother registration in the Hospital

iv. Provide an accurate, Reliable and desire information for the management, patients of Parklane specialist hospital and also provide a best way of information processing retrieval and storage for future reference.



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