Banking and Finance Project Topics

Financial Control and Accountability

Chapter One Of Financial Control and Accountability



Financial control and accountability as the name implies means the proper management and control of financial aspects, the efficiency effective and management of finance of the organisation.  The finance control and management law 1968 is designed for control and management for the public financial and maters connected there with and it stipulates under section 33 that the accountant general shall under to the auditor general accounts showing the financial position of the state at the end of every financial year and these include:

(a)      Statement showing the sums estimated to be received as revenue into the consolidated revenue fund and sums actually so received in the period of account.

(b)     Statement of assets and liabilities.

(c)     A statement showing the sums estimated to be issued out of the consolidated revenue fund and the sums actually so issued in the period of accounts.

So in every organisation or public sector, there is the need for control and accountability.

Therefore, Engu state ministry of finance should not be an exception.  Every staff of the ministry is involved to some extent in controlling of financial as well answerable to their conduct.

Almost all the workers in the civil services especially those involved in government financial operation and well acquainted with and an updated knowledge of the principles of financial controls.  Financial control is linked with financial planning.  This is not withstanding control parameter are outcomes of financial planning decisions.

However, systematic planning in itself requires a degree of control in terms of its process and procedures.  In most cases, government constitutes largest single business entity and in many places, the core of the economy.

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Its pattern of expenditure or manner of resources allocation determines the extent to which accountability for economy, efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved.


There is a general notion that government finance is fraught with numerous problems ranging from frivolous expenditure, lack of fraught to embezzlement and mismanagement of public funds.  This situation calls for adequate financial control measure and accountability.

Some of the identified problems of the public sector accounting system includes:

1.       Lack of effective internal control and audit system.

2.       Indifference to revenue generation.

3.       Failure to conform to financial instructions and regulations.

4.       Late auditing of ministerial accounts

5.       Late finalization and publication of account and poor keeping of internal accounting records.

6.       Personal problems involving lack of knowledge and expertise among government accountants occupying higher levels of responsibility

7.       Excess authorization of expenditure.


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