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Destruction of Security Institutions and Its Implication on Regional Environment (a Case Study of of Imo State)




 Background of the study

Nigeria in recent times has witnessed an unprecedented level of insecurity. This has made national security threat to be a major issue for the government and has prompted huge allocation of the national budget to security. It  is  a  truism  that  the  recent  phenomenal  wave  of  political  assassination,  murders,  armed  banditry, kidnapping and  general eruption of  insecurity in Nigeria  has put both the government and  the populace on the edge. There is hardly a day that passes without sorry tales of premeditated killings, armed robbery and other crimes and attacks nationwide.

The bombings  of security institutions , killing of uniform men in the south, banditry attacks and kidnapping  in the northern are gradually emerging as  a  trend  that Nigeria’s security agencies seem  incapable  of  dealing  with  decisively.  More  worrisome  is  that  security agencies  which are  in charge of activities that border on intelligence for the internal security of a nation have suffered from the attack from unknown gun men. The police force, as an institution, is a symbol of collective consciousness and national identity. Police legitimacy is about the readiness of the public to cooperate with and support the police. Attacks on police officers therefore could be an indication of people’s perception of the police. There is also political rivalry among some politicians from the south east who have been accusing each other of sponsoring the attacks. Another possible catalyst is the recent #EndSARS protests which exposed cases of police brutality across the country. Hence the destruction of security institution and fighting of security personnel by implication perpetuate insecurity of the regional environment.

 Statement of the problem

There has been a rising wave of attacks on police stations and police officers in some southern states in Nigeria. At the last count, 127 cops had been killed and 25 stations razed in the past five months. Judging by indicators from the media over the past five months, the attackers have risen on the wings of the call for secession by separatists in the south east.Also on rising insecurity from activities of bandits and herdsmen across the country. The Eastern Security Network, for example, an unofficial separatist militia, claimed that one of its objectives was to mitigate the attacks of Fulani herdsmen and prevent banditry from spreading to the region.There is also political rivalry among some politicians from the south east who have been accusing each other of sponsoring the attacks.

The attacks have dire consequences for the security and well being of Nigerians. These attacks damage essential public infrastructure as the attackers often target police stations and vehicles acquired with public funds.  The attacks contribute to the rising insecurity in the country. For instance, during one of the several attacks in Imo State, the gunmen allegedly hijacked several vehicles from their owners and used them to carry out the attacks. Another dangerous dimension is the release of prison inmates and suspects from police custody.The arms and ammunition taken from police stations and prisons during these attacks are very likely to be used against members of the public. And attacks could also have spiral effects on the security of neighbouring states. Thus it is upon the p[premise that this study seeks to examine the implication of destruction of security institution on regional environment.


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Objective of the study

The main focus of this study is to examine destruction of security institution and its implication on regional environment. Specifically the study seek:

1. To examine the rising attacks on security personnel and security institution in south east region.

2. To investigate the extent at which security institutions are been attacked in the south east region.

3. To determine the implication of these destruction on the well being of citizens and security of neighbouring states.

   Research hypotheses

The research is guided by the following hypothesis

HO: The level of  attack on security personnel and institution in south east region is low.

HO: There is no significant effect of security institution destruction on the citizen security well being and  neighbouring state.

Significance of the study

Since the study centred on the implication of destroying security institution on regional environment, findings from the study will be helpful to government, security personnel and the citizens. To the government and security personnel, the study will enable them to come up with diplomatic strategies on how to reach a peaceful co-existence between citizen and security personnel. To the citizens, the study will enlighten them on the essence of security agencies, instead of attacking them, they should be more law abiding, as destroying or harming them opens them up to more security threats. .The findings from the study will also be significantly useful to students and researchers and other individuals who may have an interest in gathering or conducting further research related to the topic under study.

 Scope of the study

The scope of this study borders on destruction of security institution and its implication on regional environment. The study is therefore delimited to selected local government in Imo State.

Limitation of the study

During the course of this research, the following factors are proposed to be a limitation.

Financial constraints: Financial constraints tend to impede the researcher’s efficiency in locating relevant materials, literature, or information, as well as in data collection (internet, questionnaire, and interview).

Time constraint– The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work. As a result, the amount of time spent on research is reduced.

Definition of terms

Security Agencies: security agency is a governmental organization that conducts intelligence activities for the internal security of a nation.



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