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Design and Implementation of a Signature Recognition and Verification System

Design and Implementation of a Signature Recognition and Verification System


Design and Implementation of a Signature Recognition and Verification System (Case Study of Lapo Microfinance Bank)



This chapter describes in detail the system design methodology. It focuses on the system structure and interactions. The proposed system is a signature recognition and verification system. It is created to be a desktop application or deployed on the web and is aimed at providing application processing services for Lapo Microfinance bank as a case study. This chapter begins by examining the Systems Requirement Specification (SRS) document which is majorly focused on only the functional requirements to be provided by the system. It proceeds to the system design which consists of the logic design. The logic design consists of various user interfaces and the chapter also explains the system design using UML diagrams.


The system requirement specification is a structured document that collects information which encompasses the requirements of a system. This section would focus mainly on the functional requirements of the proposed system and these include:

  1. The system should have a menu which contains buttons used for verifying signature, and adding information to the database.
  2. The database to be used for the system is Local server MYSQL database.
  • The system should allow users to create and maintain document with signature and also be able to verify signature to access document from the system.
  1. The system be flexible and user friendly with straight forward menu.
  2. The system should be able to track insecure penetrations and prevent unauthorized intrusions.
  3. The system should allow users to input data.


This section explains the design methodology, data and modules for the proposed system. The system design incorporates both UML diagrams and user interface designs.



                 The logical design of the system is concerned with the underlying logic of the       proposed system which would be abstracted from the various interfaces of the system. The interfaces discussed would be the input design, output design and menu design.

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This section includes the various input design interfaces in the system. The input design interfaces to be considered would be the verify signature form interface and new signature form interface.




This chapter focuses on summary, conclusion and recommendations.

Here, the entire summary of the research from the problem stage to the implementation stage, the relevant conclusion and recommendations are discussed.

Constraints of the Study

The problems encountered during the course of carrying out this research project include:

  1. Time: Time for the research project was too short coupled with researcher’s academic time table.
  2. Fund:There was limited fund to take care of the research properly in terms of transportation and other expenses especially when visiting attraction sites.
  3. Research Materials: Lack of access to research materials on the topic in the school library and even public libraries were also major constraint in the cause of this project.


Implementation of a signature recognition and verification system has been created. The new system would be very easy to use because of its accuracy and reliability. Signature created and verified can be easily accessed.



From this Academic Work, I have been able to show the application of database management system(signature recognition and verification system) and how it can be used, it has achieve the full aim of letting the public know what computer system is all about.


Having designed, tested and implemented the new system, the following must be put in place to fully achieve the objective of which the software is designed.

  1. Maintenance: The system needs to be maintained. This implies that any fault detected should be reported to the programmer for correction at any point in time.
  2. Research: More research should be conducted on the topic to assess it effectively.

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