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Contribution of Business Support System to Entrepreneurial Development

Contribution of Business Support System to Entrepreneurial Development


Abstract of Contribution of Business Support System to Entrepreneurial Development


Contribution of Business support system in entrepreneurial has highlighted its contribution of business support of small scale business and has helped to trance productivity, increase self reliance and employment opportunities.
Support systems like, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigeria bank for commerce and industry (NBC) National Directorate of Employment (NDE), National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND), Industrial Development Centre (IDC).
These support system and organisation has realty helped in improving the small scale business and has helped to develop entrepreneurial development. In analyzing the research work properly, the researcher analyzed the research chapter by chapter.
Chapter one is all about the introduction of the research of which states the background of the study, significance of study, the scope and limitations of the study and all other organisation and Definition of terms, the researcher used in the research.
Chapter two of this research is reviewing the related literature  of the work that is enhancing the entrepreneurial developments in the country. The relevant of the small businesses to the Nigeria economy, its contributions to entrepreneurial.
Chapter three, of the research is all about the design and methodology of the research that is the design area of the study, population, sampling and sampling procedure, types of data used, location of data, research instruments, procedure of dta gathering, method of data analysis.
Chapter four of the research is about presentation and analysis of data that is how to present the data and analyse all the data collected.
Chapter five, which is the final chapter is about the summary of the researcher findings, recommendation and conclusion of the research works and finally references that was used.


Title Page                                 II
Approval page                             III
Dedication                                 IV
Acknowledgement                         V
Abstract                                 VII
Table of contents                             IX

Introduction                         1

1.1    Background of the study                     1
1.2    Statement of the study                     4
1.3    Purpose of study                         5
1.4    Significance of study                     5
1.5    Scope and limitation of study                 5
1.6    Research questions                     7
1.7    Organisation of study                     7
1.8    Definition of terms                     8

Review of related literature   

2.1    Preamble                            10
2.2    Review of definitions                     11
2.3    The relevance of small scale business to the Nigeria economy. 16
2.4    Credit schemes for small scale industries         24
2.5    Problems of small scale businesses             33
2.6    The contribution of business agencies in sourcing  for entrepreneurial                         39
2.7    Support systems and entrepreneurial development     43
2.8    Industrial development centre (IDC) and entrepreneurial development                         54
2.9    The types of support given to (IDC) industrial development centre                         56
2.10    Entrepreneurial development in Enugu state         60

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Design and methodology 

3.1    Research design                         63
3.2    Area of study                         65
3.3    Population                             65
3.4    Sample an sampling procedure                 65
3.5    Types of data used                     66
3.6    Location of data                         67
3.7    Research instrument                     67
3.8    Procedure for data gathering                 68
3.9    Method of data analysis                     68


Presentation and data analysis

4.1    General information                     71
4.2    Presentation and analysis of data             72

Summary of findings, recommendations and conclusion. 

5.1    Summary of findings                     88
5.2    Recommendations                         89
5.3    Conclusion                             92
5.4    Suggestion for further research                 93
BIBLIOGRAPHY                         94
Questionnaire                         97



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