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Appraisal of the Effectiveness of Museums and Galleries in the Promotion of Art Education in South-south Nigeria

Appraisal of the Effectiveness of Museums and Galleries in the Promotion of Art Education in South-south Nigeria





This study was carried out with intent to appraise the effectiveness of museums  and  galleries  in  the   promotion  of art education in south-south Nigeria, 2003 – 2013. The main investigation has been on a selected two higher Education; Federal College of Education (Tech.) Omoku, Rivers State and University of Benin Edo State and two Museums, Rivers State Museum and Benin Museum, Edo state.

The objective, among others is to evaluate the extent to which the museums and galleries in south-south Nigeria had played  their  promotional roles to art education in south-south Nigeria. The research is also carried out to ascertain the role, quality of the content and art educational potential  of museums and galleries in south-south Nigeria. Options and information expressed by selected higher institution lecturers and staffs of the Museums  were culled from them. By and large, they are thoroughly perused and analyzed to posit that: Museums and Galleries in south-south Nigeria was established to play vital role in the promotion of art education. Quality of the content and educational potential of the south-south museums and galleries are relatively low. The south-south Nigeria museums and galleries from 2003-2013 had not played any effective promotional role to art education in south-south Nigeria.


The outcome of this research has no doubt contributed in creating awareness about the roles and contribution of museums and galleries in the preservation and transmission of Nigeria culture from generation to generation.


However, the researcher would like to say that the main investigation is hinged on the appraisal of the effectiveness of museums and galleries in the Promotion of art education in South-south Nigeria from 2003 – 2013, and this has a lot more to it than what has been put down in the write up .Museums and Galleries evolved out of the sincere desire to give art works value, identity and  protection. The roles of these institutions as stipulated by the constitution can  be summarily stated as: to discover, preserve, promote and further the  interest of Nigerian art. We are in the onset of the 21st century and Nigerian art education is still bedeviled by numerous factors which have hampered its growth, some of which include: ignorance and nonchalant attitude of Nigerians towards art education, pitiable state of public museums and galleries because of the Government’s attitude of granting arts and culture 3rd  rated  Consideration in matters pertaining to funding.

In the analysis of the instrument and opinions expressed  by museums  staff (curator, administrators, education officers) , it was revealed that there are materials and facilities in the museums and galleries but there is no manpower. And the museums and galleries are not functioning effectively.

Schools have failed to harness the cultural and educational value in the  Museums and Galleries. Also the analysis of the instruments and opinion expressed by lecturers in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the Higher Institutions revealed that most of the materials found in the museums and galleries are obsolete, internet facility not functioning and also for the past 10 years, the south-south museums and galleries have not performed any of their promotional roles.

The state of Nigeria South-South museums and galleries shows the negligence attitude of the government finance wise. It is the desire of the Museums and Galleries to promote art education if properly financed. The museums and galleries in South-South Nigeria had failed because the Nigerian government have also failed to come to their aid since establishment. If the south-south Nigeria museums and galleries are adequately funded, it will definitely attract visitors, thereby promoting art education as one of  its  numerous roles. It will also  be ranked amongst the best museums and  galleries in the world which will definitely promote the image of Nigeria as a country.

A museum is only alive when it is opened and visitors are present. Everything that concerns visitors is the focus of museum education, and all museum functions, impact the visitors experience (Wetter & Sayre, 2003).


Based on data collected and facts from related literature review, the following recommendations are made for improved effective promotion of art education through Museums and Galleries.

  1. Government as a matter of urgency should help to refurbish the structure of south-south Nigeria museums and galleries, so as to attract visitors from far and
  2. Government should also equip the south-south museums and galleries with adequate manpower, contemporary reading and research materials with standard and functional internet facilities for  art  educational learning.
  3. Government should review Nigerian curriculum on fine and applied arts to suit the current situation of contemporary art. Emphasis should be laid on exploitation of Museums and Galleries to improve students’ awareness on art, particularly African contemporary art and its usefulness to the society.
  4. All higher institution in Nigeria should also establish Museum/Galleries attach to fine arts department. This will in greatly increase students’ creativity and also showcase students’ past and present works. The institution and Museums/Galleries can perhaps generate popularity or revenue from people or researchers that visit
  5. Museums and Galleries should wake up form their slumber by visiting various schools and higher institutions educating them about the usefulness of Museums and Galleries most especially to the fine and applied art department. This may bring change of attitude from the angle at which the school authority is looking at the
  6. The Government in its current policy of commercialization should provide solid revenue base and self-sufficiency, these institutions can sustain themselves. They can be promoted through tourism and fees charge for admittance, royalties on advertisement involving artifacts and so on.

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