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An Investigation Into the Causes and Effects of Truancy in Secondary Schools




Truancy is a serious concern in Tanzania these days. Most students do not finish their course of study due to truancy, which causes them to drop out of school. Most students, particularly females, end up marrying, and those who are not married getting pregnancies. Most truant boys work for low pay, while others abuse drugs or participate in criminal activity. The research aims to identify the social and economic elements that contribute to this trend in order to improve children’s education and the nation’s overall development..

Background of the Problem

Truancy is a serious problem in Tanzania’s education system today that requires special attention from school administrators and teachers in order to prevent a high rate of students dropping out of school ( centre for street children) In school, truancy is defined as any intentional, unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. Truancy costs today’s children almost a hundred days of school attendance. Young girls and boys of school age are not attending school and are instead working in entertainment sectors such as clubs ( Scheff, 2007).

Reduced truancy and exclusion rates are significant components of the government’s social inclusion agenda. Young people who attend school on a regular basis are more likely to get the most out of their school time, and hence are more likely to realize their potential and are less likely to engage in anti-social or criminal behavior ( exclusion unit, 1998).

There is some evidence that inadequate literacy is a causative component in some circumstances. According to an early study conducted by the Children’s Society, the majority of those permanently excluded are males aged 13 to 15, with the majority having begun secondary school with a reading age lower than their classmates. This is supported by Ofsted, which indicated that pupils who are poor readers had poor attendance ( exclusion unit 1998).


The ( Social Exclusion Unit) study recommends addressing children’s reading and numeracy deficits early on so that they may catch up, as well as offering extra-curricular activities and experiences to enhance motivation among those at risk of becoming disillusioned. Teenage females who are excluded from school should not be disregarded either; instead, they should be assisted in achieving academic success.

(Joseph Rowntree Foundation report 1998,,com).

Children who skip school frequently choose which lessons they will miss. Typically, the subjects they avoid are those that the student considers difficult or dull; maybe a disagreement with the teacher is to blame. One regular tendency is for truants to show up for morning and afternoon head counts but then leave for the rest of the day. Missing classes is terrible news for any young person, and truancy is likely to harm their overall education and work prospects/progress. Children who are regularly late for class are disruptive to other students and the learning environment at school, and truancy has a detrimental impact on school morale. It should also be highlighted that children who are truant may face consequences.

bodily harm or being led into criminal behavior ( Susan Scheff 2007).

 Statement of the problem

For a long time, the subject of truancy among secondary school students has been a severe one, causing alarm among academics. This truancy problem has worked against the goals and objectives set by parents and educational policymakers for education. The daily decline of this kids due to truancy at a school also causes a high percentage of absence, which leads to bad student results. Truancy can mislead certain students to numerous types of criminality, including the following:

  1. Stealing
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b. Fighting

c. Understanding type of activities that are worthless

d. Using and bullying on people

In this research, my mere writing cannot put a stop to the problem of truancy; but can do so by suggesting way to be carried out by the government and education authorities. A student may be naturally gifted if he becomes a delinquent in the school, he cannot develop his innate potentialities to the fullest. Truancy is a common in the life of the students themselves their parents and in turn development of a nation.

 objectives of the study.

The purpose of this study is: To investigate social, economic factors that contributing to truancy in secondary schools.

Specific objectives.

i. To examine the causes and effect of truancy on secondary school students.

ii. To know the purpose why students exposed (indulge) to truancy.

iii. To investigate the leading factor to truancy among students.

iv. To put forward some recommendations on the causes and effects of truancy in the life of the students.

Significance Of The Study

The study of the causes and consequences of truancy among secondary school pupils is beneficial. Because evil spreads like wildfire, it must be halted in order to save many students from becoming victims. If evil exists at our school and other such places, pupils will have restricted opportunities to excel in school activities; only the brightest will be able to advance. Students are exposed to the pleasure of good loves of school environment whereby they interact for the development of their society; facing the solution of these crimes such as tardiness to school, serving as a bus conductor during school hours, hunting birds in the bush during the time they are supported to be in school, will be drastically reduced.

Finally, the significance of this study and research finding will be such that it will act as a guide to other researchers who may be interested in the study.

 Research Questions

a. What are the factors responsible for truancy in secondary school students?

b. What are the effects of truancy in the life of the students in secondary schools?

c. Why do the students so easily get involved in truancy?.

Scope Of The Study

This study work focuses on the Esan South-East Local Government Area of Edo State. The region was chosen since it is the researchers’ core point of origin and because the research is extremely familiar with the area. There is no question since the study would provide a relative and reliable picture of the situation in other Edo State locations.



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