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A Study on the Effect of Bureaucratic Administration on Secretarial Functions

A Study on the Effect of Bureaucratic Administration on Secretarial Functions


A Study on the Effect of Bureaucratic Administration on Secretarial Functions

Content Structure of The Effect of Cloud Accounting on Organisational Productivity; a Case Study of Springhlight Technology

  • The abstract contains the research problem, the objectives, methodology, results, and recommendations
  • Chapter one of this thesis or project materials contains the background to the study, the research problem, the research questions, research objectives, research hypotheses, significance of the study, the scope of the study, organization of the study, and the operational definition of terms.
  • Chapter two contains relevant literature on the issue under investigation. The chapter is divided into five parts which are the conceptual review, theoretical review, empirical review, conceptual framework, and gaps in research
  • Chapter three contains the research design, study area, population, sample size and sampling technique, validity, reliability, source of data, operationalization of variables, research models, and data analysis method
  • Chapter four contains the data analysis and the discussion of the findings
  • Chapter five contains the summary of findings, conclusions, recommendations, contributions to knowledge, and recommendations for further studies.
  • References: The references are in APA
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The effect of bureaucratic administration on secretarial function: Bureaucracy in Government Administration A bureaucratic Administration can said to be a system of administration which provide routine and uninterrupted service especially in government circle such as ministries, parastatals or government establishment to ensure that government policies are carried out effectively and diligently. Therefore it is a step by step way in which official duties are carried out from the executive down to the lowest staff. The Nigeria Government got this idea from British who during their stay in Nigeria have been practicing bureaucracy in their governmental system, through “fixed authority and official jurisdiction” where the authority of all individual is based upon specific grant of power to an office. Modern Practice of Bureaucracy in Government Establishments The practice of bureaucracy in government establishments has changed. The early practice requires the office holder to possess some traditional virtue such as age, skill and knowledge which becomes the basis of his or her authority. However, in today’s practice, bureaucracy has caused a negative effect in civil service as well as secretarial functions.


Delay in File Movement


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Files are used in filing written communications like – letters, memos, reports, circulars, agreements, newspapers etc. the aim of filing these documents is for reference purposes. However, these files pass through many personnel before getting to the secretary who needs them to carry out her duties thereby causing delay and poor achievement in the performance of secretarial functions. Payment of salaries and benefits are very important to every civil servant but the long delay in forwarding the necessary information required for the preparation of the salaries has resulted to the late payment of these salaries and benefits. Therefore bureaucracy in the administration of office work affects the job of the secretary, in that what ought to get to the secretary quickly for quick passage to the end-use is delayed by the bureaucratic process.

None Confidential of Information

Some information are meant to be confidential and ought to get to who should us it unhampered. More so, a confidential secretary is handicapped in carrying out her functions due to bureaucratic processes; in as much as these information passes through many people before getting to whom such information is meant for; As a result the confidentially remains eroded.


The objective of this study is to examine the effect of bureaucratic administration on secretarial functions, which among other things includes:

To identify leadership style by the executive (manager)

To find out the factors responsible for secretary’s failure in the performance of her duties effectively

To determine whether other people like co-staff manager and the public contributed in the failure of a good bureaucratic in our administrations.

To proffer suggestions based on the findings of the study.


This study will cover the following arrears: the various leadership styles adopted by the executive towards their subordinates and their effects on the secretary’s productivity.


This research study would highlight the various ways by which bureaucracy breaded red-tape in civil service administration.


What are the leadership styles adopted by executive / managers?

What are the factors responsible for poor performance in secretarial functions?

Is bureaucracy system good to our civil service administration?

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