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Library Service Provision and User Satisfaction Among Final Year Students in Babcock University Library, Ilishan-remo, Ogun State, Nigeria


Abstract Of Library Service Provision and User Satisfaction Among Final Year Students in Babcock University Library, Ilishan-remo, Ogun State, Nigeria

The study examines the library service provision and user satisfaction among Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. The study focused   on Laz Otti Memorial Library as its case study.

This study employed descriptive survey research design which is a use of self-structures questionnaire in collecting data from the respondents. Purposive sampling was used to select 378 respondents.  The study adopt the descriptive statistics to interpret the items on the questionnaire, and  the chi-square technique was equally been utilized to test the research hypothesis at 5% significance level. The analysis of data was carried out using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences.

The study reveals the following findings: Student’s level of satisfaction with the library services in Laz Otti Memorial Library were positive. Library service provision have influence on users’ satisfaction in Laz Otti Memorial Library. The challenges of user satisfaction with library services in Laz Otti Memorial Library is potent. There is a significant influence of library services on user satisfaction in Laz Otti Memorial Library. (R = 0.832, R-Square = 0.691, Adjusted R-Square = 0.691, P-value< = 0.000)

The study concludes that there is a significant influence of library services on user satisfaction in Laz Otti Memorial Library.


The findings of this study suest that; Library management should take cognizance of informational needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students as they have different reasons for visiting the university library; Despite the fact that, the library provides its users with current and relevant information resources there is still the compelling need for the acquisition and provision of additional library collections; There is the urgent need of additional air conditioners and fans.


 Background of Study

 Satisfaction can be defined as the fulfillment of a need or a want, so user satisfaction among library users can be defined as the contentment of information need or want of a user. When users notice that the library staff are capable, they will be guaranteed that their problems will be easily resolved, leading to greater satisfaction with the services (Andaleeb, 1998). Kotler and Koller citied in Manoj (2017) also defines satisfaction as the feeling of pleasure or disappointment a person has, which resulted from comparing a product’s supposed performance or outcome against the individual’s expectation.  The main objective of libraries and librarians is to satisfy users’ needs in the academic libraries. It is important to satisfy users, because it increases the assurance and faith of users towards the services, and material provided to them (Merugu, Nandurdikar & Kumar, 2014).  Vijeyaluxmy (2015) stated that “user satisfaction is based on the degree of perceived quality that meets users’ expectations, therefore library management should periodically evaluate the services they provide to their users” (p. 108). Since necessary measures can be taken when the users are dissatisfied with periodic surveys, university libraries and other libraries are now more focused on the evaluation of the user’s need and satisfaction with the services provided by the library.  User satisfaction can be defined as the fulfillment or comfort a user feels when content with a service or product. User satisfaction can also be a metric used to measure the extent to which a user is delighted with a service, product, or experience (Bernazzani, 2018)

“The inability to easily identify the specific use of a library’s services because of the new technologies, and the difficulty to access information sources can all contribute to user dissatisfaction among the academic library users” (Narliya, 2009, p 101). Furthermore, when users do not have access to relevant information that is needed to fulfill their needs, they can also get dissatisfied.  Libraries are an organization which is service orientated, and established to provide important information resources and quality service that will see to the users’ information needs.

The library only exist because of the users. The factors that can impact users’ satisfaction includes responsiveness, competence, assurance, tangibles and resources (Adeniran, 2011). To meet the information needs of users, real information resources and service that will satisfy the need of the user must be provided.

Library service provision are services such as book loaning and return, user registration, reservation of materials, and internet services provided by the library to meet the information needs of its users.

Libraries are collection of sources of information that are available for borrowing and for reference (Yabowaah & Plockey, 2017). The library is the center of knowledge mines and it is also the main part of academic life. According to Adeniran (2011), “Libraries are services oriented organization established for the provision of relevant information resources and quality services to meet their users’ information needs” (p.210). Academic libraries are libraries that are attached to higher institutions of learning to serve teaching and research needs of students and staff.  The function of an academic library is basically to provide teaching, learning, and research support activities with the provision of relevant and useful resources in different forms, which include books, serials and, electronic resources. The basic function that lays the foundation of  library services include activities such as acquiring new books and developing a well-balanced up-to-date collection, hiring library personnel, designing and developing physical infrastructure. Other services provided in the library include, circulation services where users can check in and check out books, renew books, pay fine, this is also where the rules and regulation  are explained to users. Another service includes reference service where users can use materials such as index, dictionaries for a quick direction to other materials, the photocopying service is where users can make duplicate copies of a material. Furthermore, the information and communication (ICT) service is where user can make use of computer in the library to access online information, the current awareness service in the library is a service that lets users know what new collections or activities the library has; and the technical service is where new collections are acquired, cataloged and recorded. An academic library strength lies on the strength of the services it provides, in which it can certify effective use of information resources and play its role in fulfilling objectives of education (Singh, n.d). Noted by Cullen citied in Adeniran (2011), academic libraries are facing challenges due to the development of tertiary education and academic publishing worldwide. He further argued that digital revolution is affecting both traditional forms of creation, organization, and dissemination of knowledge and the world tertiary education itself. Therefore, academic libraries need to endeavor to survive and increase their user base by focusing on satisfying user’s needs.

Libraries are seen as service institution where they serve users to satisfy their information needs and library activities that is directed towards serving the needs of users because in service centers, user’s satisfaction is vital. Although the practices of the library are changing, it still remains committed to service. Librarians work hard to make sure their organizations provide high quality service in support of the goals of the library’s parent institution (Miller, 2008). Simmonds and Adeniran (2011), argue that the provision of quality services in academic library is a major problem between academic librarians, because they see the library more than just a physical place, but more in terms of where quality services can be provided and accessed; due to their views, librarians focus more on the provision of relevant library service as more vital to the users than the ordinary physical library building.

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Libraries need to re-observe the range and quality of services they provide, and develop systems for consultation and cooperation with their users’ needs and users’ expectation to the highest degree, when library users are challenged with different alternative ways of information delivery and most of which are more convenient and compete on cost (Adeniran, 2011). Users’ use of the library and their satisfaction with the service of the library depends on the availability of appropriate learning materials, and the availability of capable staff in the library.

When the library service is of quality and it satisfies users, academic and research libraries can differentiate their services through friendly, helpful and knowledgeable advice; and the best technological resource available. The responsibility of the library or librarians to meet the needs the needs of expectation of users, because academic library users have different needs and expectations. For a library to work well, the services it provides most align with the needs of its users. According to Nnadozie citied in Adeniran (2011), “the basic tools and facilities for the delivery of qualitative library service provision are either available in inadequate quantities or are not existing, according to Nnadozie this explains why users are not satisfied with the library services (p. 211).

 Statement of Problem

 Libraries are created to provide adequate services and resources that will satisfy the information needs of its users. In order to meet the users’ satisfaction the university library do spend money to equip the library with relevant and adequate materials, electronic devices and internet access. There are possibilities that users are still not satisfied. For instance, the library might not have adequate information materials, accessing or a material might take, because of inadequate reference service, and the users might also be dissatisfied with the libraries poor internet access. Therefore, this study will examine the library services and user satisfaction of final year students in Babcock University.

 Objective of the Study

 The main objective of this study is to find out the influence of Library Service on User Satisfaction in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria. Other objective include to:


find out the student’s level of satisfaction with the library services in Laz Otti Memorial Library.

determine the influence of library service provision on users’ satisfaction in Laz Otti Memorial Library.

find out the challenges of user satisfaction with library services in Laz Otti Memorial Library.


  1. What’s the student’s level of satisfaction with the library services in Laz Otti Memorial Library.
  2. Does library service provision have influence on users’ satisfaction in Laz Otti Memorial Library.
  3. Whats the challenges of user satisfaction with library services in Laz Otti Memorial Library.


HThere is no significant influence of library services on user satisfaction.


The significance of this study is to know how library services provision affect user’s satisfaction in Babcock University Laz Otti Memorial Library. The result of this study will help users be satisfied by acquiring information pertaining to their assignments or research paper from relevant information provided by the library services. Libraries help in research process of its user by collecting, preserving or conserving, and making available different information resources that are relevant to the user of the library. This study will benefit academic libraries, and the library management providing improvements on how to better satisfy users with the library services provided, and know how they can support the areas of services that already satisfy the users; and through this library users and researchers will be able to fully get the satisfaction they need when using the library services. This study will also benefit the library management by helping them determine how users of the library can be retained, and also, know how the library users can be recovered as satisfied users, and also how the productivity of the library can be improved and accepted, and how to deliver quality services to their users, that will make them satisfied.

Scope of Study                                                                                 

 The scope of this study will cover the library service provision and user satisfaction in Babcock University’s Laz Otti Memorial Library. The study will also cover the services provided and how it can impact users’ satisfaction. This study is for all students in the Babcock University. The library services in the library constitutes of the circulation services, reference services , Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, such as Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), technical services, current awareness services, photocopying services.  The measure of user satisfaction will be determined by how fulfilled users are with the library service provision, and qualitative study approaches such focus groups, interviews, surveyed questionnaire is useful in measuring user satisfaction.

 Operational Definition of Terms

Academic library is a library that is attached to a university, in which students can come to use the services provided by the library.

Library services: services rendered to library users such as

  • Circulation service is where students check in, check out and renew books
  • Reference services is a service in which library users are provided with direction to materials in the library.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services makes the work in the library easier and faster, for example with the use of the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) library users can easily locate materials in the material, with the use of an email the library can communicate with its users, and with the use of the library website, users in the library can get information about the library.
  • Photocopying Service is a service where users can make duplicate copies of a material.
  • Technical services this is where material in the library are acquired, classified and catalogued, organized, and preserved.
  • Current Awareness Service is a service that keeps library users informed about new collections in the library, and it also keeps updated about events in the library.

User satisfaction is the fulfillment expressed when a user is pleased with the library services provided.



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