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Effect of Covid-19 on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students


The study was designed to examine the effect Of Covid-19 on the academic performance of secondary students in Nigeria. A survey research design was used for the study. The sample comprised of senior secondary students (both male and female) from ten selected government owned secondary schools in Anambra State. The instrument used for data collection was the students’ structured questionnaire. The data collected for the study were analysed using mean, standard deviation and t-test. The major findings showed that the lockdown of schools as a results of the coronavirus epidemic in Nigeria have a negative effect on students academic performance. The study also discovered that the period of stay at home increases the number of illiterates in the society. The study recommends that government should at all time be prepared in other to contain any epidemic that may occur in the future, the study among others recommends for parents to hire private teachers for their children when they are not in school, this will boost their academic performance in classroom.


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