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Assessment of Teaching Method Utilized in Secondary School Business Studies



 Background of the Study

Globally, learning has been recognized  as a change in behaviour caused by the adaption of various experiences, information, and motivation. Ukonu (2017) explained that it may also be described as the enhancement of an individual’s skills. Learning is not a static component, but rather one that may be developed throughout the lives of students and changes with their age, resulting in the discovery of how that information might be used. In today’s world, business education is extremely important. Different firms are also concerned about the occurrence and wonder whether executives will be able to run their businesses using concepts and strategies in the future. As a result, a specific student’s learning should be related not only to the knowledge supplied by the instructor, but also to their attitudes and approach to the topic (Kshetra, 2016). Keeping an eye on business education, the issue comes as to why, if it is so vital, this topic is founded by senior level students, maintained dry and uninteresting, and reflective as not having any insights into the actual world. We, as experts of business education, recognize that children’s knowledge is misdirected (kshetra, 2013). Traditionally, the methods employed in teaching business courses to us are effective for making students comprehend the subject in a logical fashion; nevertheless, because of the unilateral nature of communication, this strategy leads to the students being passive. It is difficult for an individual to adapt learning without the participation of an audience, and it is not a practical way of teaching since it cannot offer the true image of business conditions. As a result, there is a significant need for thinking outside the box when it comes to teaching business. Enhancing business instruction sought to provide students with sufficient business understanding from a practical standpoint (Ajaiyi, 2016).


Business Education programmes are part of Nigeria’s overall educational programme. Coordination of efforts by business education, school administration, and guidance counselors resulted in the required improvements. High-quality products have been created. However, today’s students should carefully analyse both the academic and vocational parts of the current curriculum. According to Nnoli (2019), the employed to influence students’ understanding of business courses has continued to drop. Maxwell (2020) observed that many business educators and school officials should be concerned about the number of students enrolled in secondary school and higher education institutions each year. In effect, there are excellent numbers of questions which the good number will want to research into in order to find remedies to the problem. These include what business studies as a whole are, who is involved in teaching it, what methods are used to improve instruction, and what are the reasons for low performance and enrollment in the subject. These are all factors that have led to this examination of secondary school needs. Upon this backdrop, the researcher seeks to assessment of teaching method utilized  in secondary school  business studies.


The broad objective of this study is to asses teaching method utilized  in secondary school  business studies. Other specific objectives includes:

i.          To disclose the applicable methods used in teaching business studies in secondary schools.

ii.        To establish whether  the teaching method teachers apply are really effective.

iii.      To examine whether business education teacher have the pedagogical experience in their teaching qualification.

iv.      To investigate the impact of the methods used on the students offering business studies


For the purpose of this research the following question are put forward

i.          What methods of business studies teachers apply in teaching?

ii.        Do these methods have good effect on the students to achieve their goals in the business studies?

iii.      Do business education teacher have the pedagogical experience required for effective teaching of business studies?

iv.      Are students inspired by teaching methods to further more on Business Studies in higher institution?


The study will enable teachers to know the right methods to use in teaching business studies in secondary school. This study is relevant in the sense that there is need to increase knowledge in the area of the methods been used. It is also significant in the sense that it will enable the teacher training college to intensify effort on assessing the performances of their students while on teaching practice (TP). The study will also serve as a help to show the outcome of the method been used at the end of the lesson. It will also enlighten the school authorities to employ quality teachers to the subjects.

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The scope of this study borders on assessment  teaching method utilized  in secondary school  business studies. The study will further establish education teacher have the pedagogical experience required for effective teaching of business studies. The study is delimited to selected secondary schools in Porth Harcourt, metropolis, Rivers State.


During the process of carrying out this study, the researcher was confronted with a number of obstacles, some of which were limitations pertaining to time and finances, as well as difficulties pertaining to language and the attitudes of the respondents. Nevertheless, the researchers were able to overcome these obstacles in order to guarantee the success of this investigation.

In addition, the case study approach that was used in the research presented the investigator with a number of difficulties, such as the chance of making erroneous judgments and being subject to prejudice. In spite of this, the investigator was successful in overcoming the difficulties by adhering to the broad principles of respect for processes, justice, fairness, impartiality in observation and recording, and the weighing of evidence.


Business is the buying of goods and services while study is to learn about a subject  usually at school or university, study can also be define as “finding out information” is when someone studies a subject in details in order to discover new information.

, BUSINESS STUDIES :  Is define as a subject taught in both junior and senior secondary schools which deals with finding out information on buying and selling of goods and services either in school or any organisation. The studies comprises of office practice, commerce, typewriting, shorthand, accounting or book -keeping.

OFFICE PRACTICE:     It is a central point or an administrative centre of any living organisation where clerical activities takes place e.g record, give out information, analyse  and save guard.

COMMERCE:     Could be define as a science, which studies the behaviour of man in relation  to the system of trade and distribution as well as the operations and the mechanics of the ancillary agencies as they relate to trade and distribution. Commerce involve trade  and aids to trade. To involve buying and selling of goods and services while aids to trade include banking, transporting, communication, warehousing, insurance and advertising.

TYPEWRITING:     It can be refer to as a course of study which equip the student with typing skills and techniques so as to be able to produce reliable copies of a variety of document on the typewriter. Typewriting is generally describe as the act of printing on  paper by means of the typewriter.

SHORTHAND: It represents a spoken sounds by written signs. Writing by signs means writing words as they are pronounced and not according to long hand spelling.

ACCOUNTING:Can be defined as that process, science, art or system of recording,  analysis, classifying, summarizing, interpreting and reporting financial transaction or acting information of a business enterprise or an organisation so as to assist the management or users in planning and control coordination and decision making in a given period.

BOOK- KEEPING:     Is the art of recoding business transactions in terms of money or money’s worth between individuals and institution in other words it can be the act of recording an organisations transactions in the books of accounts.


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