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Assessment of Career Development Options for the Nigerian Girls in Sport




Background Of The Study

Sport, as a special sociocultural phenomenon, is a historically determined activity of people connected with the use of physical exercises, which is aimed at preparing and participating in a specially organized system of competitions, as well as the individual and socially significant results of such activity (Brassie, 2008).

Structured sports activities provide an avenue to engage in competitive pursuits that have economic significance and develop strong social connections with others. Active recreation provides a more unstructured physical activity space that individuals can use freely in their leisure time and achieve a personal sense of enjoyment.

However, participation in sports is at various levels, such as amateur athlete, non-professional or professional athlete, as well as recreational participants. The amateur athlete regularly and directly engages in a formal competition under established rules of a sport’s governing body but does not receive any gratification or external rewards except trophies, plagues, certificate, etc. A non-professional athlete may require money to participate in a sport, but may draw on that money only to cover living expenses and keep the balance in escrow until retirement (Fordham, & Leaf, 2008). The professional athlete and recreational participant engages in sport through informal organizations on an irregular or regular basis. Though such participation is often regular, the athlete does not belong to an association and does not compete in a way that would bring him/her into direct contact with an institutionalized version of his/her sport of interest (Siedentop, 1994).

Over the years, women has played a significant role in sports as they have their own world of sport, and sporting activities either competitively or otherwise. There are many ways in which women can be involved in sports, besides playing or coaching. With the highly institutionalized nature of sports today, a variety of roles exist requiring professionals in the interests of sports. Since the athlete can not participate in life’s sports, there is a need to ensure that there is provision for her retirement (Parks, J. & Zanger, B. 2012). Thus, this paper highlights career options available to the sports girls, apart from the traditional teaching professional after graduation. She would therefore be at liberty to draw on any of these options to earn a living. The avenues where she can conveniently utilize her newly acquired vocation are one of the major concerns of this study. Hence, this study evaluates the career options available for Nigerian girls in the sporting sector.


Statement  Of The Problem

There are various female sports participants, such as amateurs, non-professionals and professionals and recreational sports participants in Nigeria. However, because athletes are unable to perform in life due to physiological and physical limitations, there is a need for her to have a way to earn a living in retirement so that she does not revert to the category of poor people in the country. Furthermore, due to the highly institutionalized nature of sports today, a variety of job opportunities that require professional expertise in the field of sports are being created., experienced female athletes in Nigeria have been found idle after retirement as a result of ignorance of what other sport or aspect of sport they should utilize their expertise and experience (Fordham et. al. 2011). According to Siedentop, (2004), there are a variety of careers available to female athletes, which include sports administration, sports medicine, coaching, officiating, sports psychologists, sports sociology, sport journalism/broadcasting, sports marketing and photography, and groundsmanship. Hence, this study is channeled towards identifying the career options available to all female athletes in Nigeria.

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 Objective Of The Study

The general aim of this study is to assess the career development options for Nigerian girls in sports. Below are the specific objectives of the study.

1. Examine if women play a significant role in the world of sport.

2. Examine if women can still participate in other aspects (offices) of sport after retirement.

3. Identify the career options available to Nigerian female athletes aside from being among the major participants in a sports organization.

Research Hypothesis

H01. Women do not play any significant role in the world of sport.

H02: Women after retirement can’t participate in other aspects (offices) of sport.

Significance Of The Study

This study will highlight career options available to female athletes, apart from the traditional teaching profession, after graduation. the study would also serve as the bases for them draw on any of these options to earn a living even after retirement. this study will as well indicate and apprise them on the avenues where they can conveniently utilize heir acquired skills. this study will be relevant to parents and teachers as well, as it will assist them in guiding a female child through her choice of a sports career.

More so, this study would be of great relevance to the research community as it will add to the body of literature which already exists on this subject of study, thereby being useful to researchers, students and other intellectuals.

Scope Of The Study

This study is limited to examining if women play a significant role in the world of sport, examining if women can still participate in other aspects (offices) of sport after retirement, and identifying the career options available to Nigerian female athletes aside from being among the major participants in a sports organization. Hence the respondents for this study will be obtained from Ibom Angels Football Club; women football club in Akwa Ibom State.

Limitations Of The Study

In the course of carrying out this study, the researcher experienced some constrains which include time constrain, financial constrain, language barriers, and attitude of the respondents. However the researcher was able to manage these challenges just to ensure the success of this study.

Definition Of Terms

Career: This is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

Sport: This is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Retirement: Retirement refers to the time in life when one chooses to permanently leave the workforce behind.



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