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Analyzing the Impact of Football on the Mental Well Being of a Fan




Background of the study

Football is a collection of team sports in which players kick a ball in different ways to achieve a goal. The word football, when used without qualification, generally refers to the most popular kind of football in the region where it is used. Football is a sport that is often referred to as association football (also called as soccer in certain countries). Gridiron football includes American or Canadian football, Australian rules football, rugby union or rugby league, and Gaelic football, to name a few [Reilly, 2003]. Football codes refer to the many forms of the game that have varying degrees of common ground. Traditional, ancient, or prehistoric ball games were played in different parts of the world, according to numerous sources [2018 football history]. The current regulations of football may be traced back to the standardization of these games in English public schools in the nineteenth century [Bailey, 1995]. The expansion of the British Empire’s cultural influence allowed these football rules to spread to areas of British influence outside of the Empire’s direct control Perkin, 1989]. Different regional codes had developed by the end of the nineteenth century: Gaelic football, for example, had deliberately incorporated the rules of local traditional football games to maintain their heritage [Bale, 2002]  The Football League, the first of many professional football leagues, was founded in 1888 in England. Throughout the twentieth century, several forms of football developed into some of the most popular team sports in the world [Bale, 2002].

The terms “mental health” and “behavioral health” relate to the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being of people. It all comes down to how individuals think, feel, and act. The phrase “mental health” is occasionally used to refer to the absence of a mental illness. Mental illness may have a negative impact on everyday life, relationships, and physical health. This connection, however, also works in the other way. Mental health issues may be caused by a variety of reasons, including personal circumstances, interpersonal relationships, and physical conditions. Taking care of one’s mental health may help one’s capacity to appreciate life. To do so, you must strike a balance between your daily activities, obligations, and attempts to improve your psychological resilience. Stress, sadness, and anxiety may all have an impact on a person’s mental health and disturb their daily routine. Despite the widespread usage of the phrase “mental health,” many illnesses that physicians classify as psychological disorders have physical origins.

 Statement of research problem

Football is a game that brings people together from all walks of life, regardless of tribe, religion, or even skin color. Every year, millions, if not billions, of fans across the globe devote their time, energy, and money to cheering for their favorite teams. Sport enthusiasts participate in a range of behaviors as a consequence of their failure to monitor their mental health. Some adjust by fervently cheering for their team to victory and sharing good experiences with other supporters. Other behaviors, on the other hand, are less adaptive, such as arguing passionately about one’s team, transferring hostility, battling supporters from a rival team, and even murdering. All of these behaviors may be the consequence of an anxiety illness, a mood disease, or schizophrenia, among other things. As a result, there is a need to investigate the effect of football on a fan’s mental health.

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Objectives of the study

The primary objective of the study is as follows:


1.     To find out why people watch football and also go as far as supporting one club over another

2.     To find out if football has any negative impact on the mental well being of a fan

3.     To find out how to control the negative (if any) impact of football on the mental well being of a fan

Research hypothesis

H01: There are no reason why people watch football and also go as far as supporting one club over another

HA1: There are reasons why people watch football and also go as far as supporting one club over another

H02: Football  does not have negative impact on the mental well being of a fan

HA2: Football has negative impact on the mental well being of a fan

Significance of the study

The significance of this study cannot be underestimated as:

l  This study will examine  the impact of football on the mental well being of a fan

l  The findings of this research work will undoubtedly provide the much needed information to government organizations, ministry of education and academia.

Scope of the study

The study will examine the impact of football on the mental well being of a fan. Hence it will be delimited to football fans in Delta state.

 Limitations of the study

This study was constrained by a number of factors which are as follows:

just like any other research, ranging from unavailability of needed accurate materials on the topic under study, inability to get data

Financial constraint , was faced by  the researcher ,in getting relevant materials  and  in printing and collation of questionnaires

Time factor: time factor pose another constraint since having to shuttle between writing of the research and also engaging in other academic work making it uneasy for the researcher

Operational definition of terms

Impact: the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.

Football:  any of various forms of team game involving kicking of football

Mental well being: Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.



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